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Chevrolet 210 Handyman 2-dr. -55 374 000 :-

Chevy 210 Handyman 1955 with 355+TH350 up for sale

Great investment. A rare model, the sedans were made up to 590000, these 29000 of which only a fraction of with the V8. Completely gone trough with lots of new parts. It works well, does not leak liquids or oil, the engine runs fine, the transmission changes gears well, the brakes are awesome and with rack and pinion steering this drives and handles as well as any "modern" car-> wife does not have any trouble driving at this.

Car is located in Laihia/Finland. I can assist shipping if needed!

Local ad:

Price 374000kr is asking price. If you have cash in your hand, please make your best offer!

Min vän kan tolka när vi kan tala svenska också!

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